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Victory Kits - for Backpack Hunters

Small, packable kits with everything to turn your fresh venison into a Victory Meal on the Mountain

Our Victory  Kits were designed to be small, light and packable yet have all the essentials for turning your fresh game meat into a great meal while on the mountain.

Let's face it, the freeze dried meals get old after a while and you just harvested a great trophy elk, deer, antelope etc, miles from the nearest campground or motel.

With these kits containing, olive oil, soy or Worcestershire sauce, some citrus juice and an ample supply of our signature Taste Like Victory Seasoning and Rub you have everything  needed to turn that backstrap, tenderloin or even heart into a perfectly seasoned, tender and delicious meal. We even include a small bag for marinating your meat and when you are done, put all the packaging into the bag, zip it up and pack it out with no mess.

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